How Can We Help You?


Exploring options for additional help that you might need when faced with stress, financial difficulty and limited knowledge of the human services system can be frightening.

CHS has a professional Case Management staff that is available to meet with any resident of its service area at no charge to explore program and service options for which you may be eligible.

Key to that support is the guidance, advocacy and follow up that CHS provides to every individual. No one can do the work FOR you, but your CHS Case Manager can often simplify instructions, support completion of documentation and facilitate a personal connection with service delivery organizations when needed.

No circumstance should prevent an individual from seeking guidance through CHS.

If you have never asked for help the first step is sometimes the hardest.  CHS makes the process confidential and discreet and you can have confidence that your information and situation will be handled with respect and prompt attention.

Please feel free to contact our office at:


There are a wide range of opportunities available once you are connected to CHS.  Every contact is in confidence.  Please take the time to call.