The Regional Community Health Improvement Plan

The South Central NH Public Health Network (South Central PHN) is a collaborative of partner agencies that are working to enhance and improve community health and public health services across the region.

Greater Derry Community Health Services is responsible for the Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC).

The Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is comprised of volunteer representatives from a defined set of sectors in the ten (10) communities we serve which include local government, schools, health and medical, community and family support, business and faith based organizations.  The PHAC performs an advisory function to the network that includes:

  • Collaborating to establish annual priorities to strengthen public health services in the region.
  • Working with regional partners to collect, analyze and disseminate data about the health status of the region.
  • Developing the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) in accordance with guidance from the NH Department of Public Health Services.
  • Providing leadership in the implementation of priorities identified in the plan (CHIP)
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress of activity to regional partners and the state.
  • Maintaining an informative and timely website for relevant information and resources.

The regional priorities described on this site resulted from a region specific health needs assessment as well as a readiness test to determine opportunities for change.  Building from that the CHIP was constructed. It identifies goals, measurable objectives and strategies to guide evidence-based solutions to community health needs.  We invite every resident in the region to read the CHIP, study the objectives and strategies and consider how you might become involved.